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Are you producing or thinking of producing a packaged product? A product that comes in a box? Think out of the box… and come to Product Box!

Product Box Game is an agile framework where you can maximize your customers’ collective retail experience by asking them to design your product box. In addition, it helps you better understand how your customers rank your product features and what value they want to receive from it.

This is the kind of workshop that transforms the rigorous meeting room into a kindergarten – at most A ‘primary – as participants create their own packaging/product boxes, using cardboard, scissors, glue and stickers!

It also applies if you are dealing with product, product marketing, design packaging and in general marketing and business.

Product Box Workshop will be conducted by Vangelis Antoniades, CEO & Co-Founder of Cytech.

Seats are very limited!

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    • Vagelis Antoniadis
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Vagelis Antoniadis

Vagelis Antoniadis is CEO and co-founder of Cytech, which operates in the mobile software business area, with a significant presence both in the European market and in the emerging markets of Africa and Asia. He is responsible for developing new products and defining the company's strategy. He has over 15 years of experience in designing solutions and business innovation, applying new technologies in the field of mobile and turning them into successful products. He is also the director of Tech Talks Central, an online radio station that covers topics and trends in the connected world and interviews top scientists and technology pioneers. He is an active member of the Hellenic Association of Mobile Applications Companies, which consists of 80 members of the Greek technology scene in Greece. He has previously served as Head of the Greek Business Mission at the largest Mobile Technology Congress, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​from 2014 to 2017, created and headed the research and development department of Sigma Brokerage and Com-to-Net SA . manufacturing innovative products in the field of Stock Exchange and satellite communications. He is also a certified Scrum Master and a member of the Agile Greece Summit organizational team.