H2B HUB is a dream accelerator, a movement about an entrepreneurial mindset change, it is both the point and the deeper meaning of support!

Here ideas are transformed into startup businesses, through help, support, advice, training and international networking. As an ideas’ incubator, our goal is to give every team the opportunity to innovate. We help and support the development of every local startup having as fellow partners, public bodies, institutions in Greece and abroad, as well as distinguished entrepreneurs – mentors worldwide.

The triple helix model

We rely on the triple helix model, that is, cooperation and interaction between the public sector, research-producing organizations (universities and research centers) and the private sector. By unlocking university research and development in a business direction, we help ensure that innovation is the primary focus of every business move. To be able to achieve this diffusion of innovative thinking, we work closely with all academic institutions in Crete and abroad. We focus on innovative technology transfer, such as Blockchain, from pioneering universities abroad.

We have a particular weakness for young entrepreneurs! For secondary and higher education students, who are the future and the hope for change in the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. To this end, we are working with educational institutions to bring the culture of innovation to children.

As a movement about an entrepreneurial mindset change, we embrace all the efforts made in Crete and geared to new technologies, innovation, community development and entrepreneurship. In addition to our own events, various workshops, seminars, lectures with related themes are hosted at H2B HUB. Our goal is to empower the technology community and create an environment that enables everyone to grow through continuous research, implementation, feedback and optimization.

The H2B HUB is an initiative of the Chamber of Heraklion, was created and is supported by it. Our dream is to become a Mediterranean Hub that supports startups, promotes their achievements and effective participation. You can join the H2B HUB movement too! There are many different ways.

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