Tech Talent School: WordPress, a tool to manage your educational website past

The “WordPress, a tool to manage your educational website” seminar is addressed to teachers of Primary and Secondary Education (Public and Private) who want to become familiar with digital tools that promote and improve the level of online learning. Participants will learn how to create and manage a personal website or blog successfully.

The purpose of the program is to familiarize participants with the use of content management through new technologies in order to bring together in a blog all the necessary information, such as the lesson notes, the exercises to be solved and additional sources related to the lesson taught, for the most direct and successful collaboration between teacher and student.

Duration: 2 hours.

The event is supported by Microsoft Hellas and participation is free of charge.

* Courses are only done physically.

* Lessons with the same title have the same content, so choose to write only one, which suits you most in hours and days.

* After the end of each course, you can print your certificate in MyTickets by selecting “Actions” next to each entry. Certificates are available there for two (2) weeks.

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