CSS3 for Beginners Introduction to Front-end web development για εκπαιδευτικούς

Tech Talent School: CSS3 for Beginners. An Introduction to Front-end web development (for Educators) past

The seminar is intended for Educators (Public and Private), who wish to become familiar with and learn how Stylesheets and CSS3 can be combined to display the desired result in the user browser of an educational website. In this workshop we will put together the basics to create your own educational website!

Duration: 2 hours.

The event is supported by Microsoft Hellas and participation is free of charge.

* Lessons with the same title have the same content, so choose to write only one, which suits you most in hours and days.

* After the end of each course, you can print your certificate in MyTickets by selecting “Actions” next to each entry. Certificates are available there for two (2) weeks.

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    • Haris Papadakis
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