Tech Talent School: RASPBERRY PI, intro to a powerful educational tool past

The aim of the “RASPBERRY PI, introduction to a powerful educational tool” seminar is to empower teachers in new interactive and dynamic learning methodologies such as Raspberry Pi.

Basic points:

  • What Is A Raspberry Pi?
  • How is it used?
  • How can it help educate children?
  • And, how can all these be combined to upgrade the educational process?

These and many more will be answered in this seminar!

Duration: 2 hours.

The event is supported by Microsoft Hellas and participation is free of charge.

* Courses are only done physically.

* Lessons with the same title have the same content, so choose to write only one, which suits you most in hours and days.

* After the end of each course, you can print your certificate in MyTickets by selecting “Actions” next to each entry. Certificates are available there for two (2) weeks.

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    • Michalis Miliarakis
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