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Digital transformation: how to get to the 4.0 era past

The Enterprise Europe Network in collaboration with the H2B HUB launches the free masterclass “Digital transformation: how to get to the 4.0 era” on Monday, October 21 at 6 pm.

The 4th level of business (Business 4.0) has key definition pillars in digital transformation, cloud, automation and digital analytics. New business models based on these pillars are coming to the fore, while the success of a business is judged by its adaptability to new data, making these pillars increasingly important.

Data is the key component to establishing a business in Business 4.0. For most businesses that want to take this step towards digital, data and in particular visitors and ad data, as they say, “can make you or break you”!

What will we do in the masterclass “Digital transformation: how to get to the 4.0 era”?

With the help of modern and free tools we will show how a business and every organization can now have all the information they need. And all this without any pre-existing infrastructure and investment in order to go a step further in what we call “digital transformation”.

After this step, each business will now be able to:

  • Has an overview of users and its online presence
  • Check and evaluate the effectiveness of its promotional activities
  • Identify problems that hinder its growth and profit

Seats are limited! Register online here:

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    • Petros Perlepes, Lead Front-line Engineer @ Welcome Pickups
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    Enterprise Europe Network, Η2B HUB

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Petros Perlepes, Lead Front-line Engineer @ Welcome Pickups

Peter combines a strong foundation in computer science with a deep understanding of Web Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization, the ways you increase the online sales of a product online. For over 3 years he has been working on large-scale projects, analyzing and recording internet data in various areas such as banks, online shops, tourism businesses and much more. Its main purpose is to build and maintain a data-driven culture so that decisions can now be made consciously based on actual user trends. This ranges from data collection plan, advertising campaign evaluations to presentation, trend display and continuous process automation. He currently works with Welcome Pickups, a global tourism company, providing his team with the excellent presence of Welcome websites and applications, perseverance in data-driven decision making and online experiences.