Student Entrepreneurship Lab

1st Student Entrepreneurship Lab

The 1st “Student Entrepreneurship Lab”, a one-day lab for high school students, organized the H2B HUB in partnership with the Enterprise Europe Network and the AHEAD Entrepreneurship Center of ALBA Graduate Business School on Friday, April 5, 2019.

The aim of this workshop was to connect and familiarize students with business, to promote collaboration and to contribute to the emergence of new innovative business ideas.

In the workshop, which took place at H2B HUB, 30 students from the Pancretan High School, the Heraklion Experimental General Lyceum, the 13th Heraklion General High School, the Mochos General Lyceum and the 4th Lyceum of Heraklion participated.

During the workshop, students had the opportunity to get acquainted with key business concepts such as the idea, the risk, the market research and the profit, and to work on groups of 6 members on their own business ideas, presenting their own virtual business.

These virtual businesses have received improvement suggestions, while valued by experienced entrepreneurs, Mrs Christina Chalkiadaki, Mr Georgios Agrimanakis, Mrs Amalia Niniraki, Mr Georgios Fasoulakis and Mr Ioannis Kapsalakis.

The prize was won by the team of the Experimental General Lyceum of Heraklion, which proposed a mobile application to facilitate transportation by public transport, followed by the Pancretan High School Lyceum and the 4th General Lyceum of Heraklion.