Open Science, Our Future // Brain and Artificial Intelligence past

Joined powers! The H2B HUB, in collaboration with FORTH, have envisioned and presenting a new series of lectures aimed at illuminating the path to the popularization of science.

5 axes, 5 FORTH researchers, 5 lectures focusing on OUR future.    “FUTURE. From today’s knowledge to tomorrow’s science!”

One talk every month. An opportunity to get closer to research knowledge through scientific talks accessible to anyone interested, through interactive lectures so we can assimilate what we hear.

2nd speech // Thursday 05.03 at 18:00

Open Science, Our Future // Brain and Artificial Intelligence – The Role of Memory

Dr. Panayiota Poirazi, Research Director and Head of the Computational Neuroscience Laboratory of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the Institute of Technology and Research.

Dr. Poirazi will tell us about artificial intelligence in our daily lives, the autonomy of machines and human intelligence in them. What is the role of memory in intelligence and finally, what is memory and how is it made?

The series “Open Science, Our Future” is addressed to ALL.

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In this endeavor, we have a strong ally in FORTH, one of the largest and most well-organized research centers in the country, with international recognition and highly skilled staff.

The Institute of Technology and Research (FORTH) is today the largest Research Center in the country, with 8 Research Institutes operating in 5 cities of Greece, in areas of great scientific, social and economic interest. It has also established Structures with a significant contribution to learning, entrepreneurship and economics development. With significant distinctions at national and international level, with a significant contribution to innovation, education, national and regional development, FORTH has established itself as a Research Center of international scope.Indicatively, it is consistently ranked 1st in the benchmarking of Research Centers in Greece, 1st in the scientific ranking of Greek research institutes in the NATURE index, the largest number of grants from the European Research Council (ERC Grants) in Greece, and more than 150 Marie Curie Excellence Awards.

Curator of the OPEN SCIENCE / OUR FUTURE Lecture Series: Irene Makedona – Pangopoulou

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    • Dr. Panayiota Poirazi
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