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Blockchain technology, the technology that supports Bitcoin and other encryption, can be described as the new Internet. This technology brings drastic changes in a number of areas and includes, among other things, changes in the transactions being made, the number of parties involved, the information exchanged and the payment methods. Simply, Blockchain disrupts existing business models and the way businesses operate, the public sector, and how to communicate. This disruption covers a wide range of business activities and introduces pioneering solutions.

Professor Marinos Themistocleous will present Blockchain technology in a speech entitled “Blockchain Disruption”, which will take place at the HBB HUB on Monday, May 6, at 18:00. It will refer to the necessity of its implementation and the disruption of its business models.

Initially, he will make an introduction to the history of money and the timeless problems that arise, and will then refer to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. He will then show how cryptocurrencies work and explain how this is made possible through Blockchain. The speech will close with the presentation of illustrative examples of practical applications explaining how this technology disrupts business models and existing mode

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Marinos Themistocleous

Professor Marinos Themistocleous is the scientific manager of the world's leading postgraduate program in Blockchain and Cryptocommunications. He is also Director of the Institute for the Future (IFF) of the University of Nicosia and Associate Dean of the School of Business Administration of the same University. In recent years, he has been researching Blockchain technology and has developed applications for the health, energy, public sector and trade sectors. His research has been funded by the EU, the United Kingdom, the Greek and the Republic of Cyprus and private sector organizations. Mr. Themistocleous was a consultant to the Greek Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Greece, the Hellenic Organization for Standardization, the Hellenic Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises, ORACLE UK, B3-Blockchain Business Board of the United Kingdom, Intelen USA, BTO Research Italy , the National Betting Authority of Cyprus, Mr. Themistocleous has a rich writing work and was the editor of the journal European Journal of Information Systems. He has taught at Brunel University in London, at Piraeus University and at Nicosia University, and has been a visiting professor at Bocconi University in Milan and the University of Madrid, Madrid.